Home Upgrades That Reduce Auto Insurance

Looking for a new home upgrade? Why not consider something that reduces your auto insurance costs? Yes, it is possible to save on your auto insurance by what you do with your home. At Ramsey Insurance, we know how important both your home and vehicles are. That is why we want to help you both protect your investments and save money with Annapolis, MD insurance. 


Where you park your vehicle most often does play a big role in your auto insurance costs. If you don’t have a garage, park on the street or only have an overhang, all of these options leave your vehicle susceptible to possible theft or weather damage. Consider installing a garage instead of having your vehicle exposed. Even a small, non-finished garage without insulation can cut down on auto insurance costs.

Security System

A home security system monitors not just the house but the property. This means if someone tries to break into the vehicle or the garage on the property you’ll know about it (as will the police). As home security systems reduce the chance of auto theft (or a smash and grab), you may just save on auto insurance as well. 


Fencing in your property helps establish the property lines. It also protects what is inside the line as well. By using a full fence (including a driveway gate) you’ll lock in your vehicle when it’s not in use, increasing its level of protection.

By taking advantage of these home upgrades, you’ll not only improve the property value of the house but reduce the costs of auto insurance as well. It’s a win-win. At Ramsey Insurance, we are here to help point out the best ways to protect your investments while saving on insurance in Annapolis, MD.