Will Home Insurance Cover Mold?

Mold is not only sneaky, it’s also one of the more expensive home repairs that a homeowner can possibly come up against. Finding a small patch of it may lead to a much bigger patch living somewhere just out of sight, and it can cost thousands of dollars to remove. But when a homeowner gives their insurance company a call to take care of all those costs, they might be surprised at the answer they get. See what you can expect from your insurance company if you happen to find mold in your home in Annapolis, MD. 

Short Answer 

Most of the time, home insurance will not cover any damage to the home caused by mold. There are certain policies in Annapolis MD where mold will be covered if the mold was determined to be brought about by a specific event that was covered in the policy. However, general water damage from poor ventilation or general structural decay is unlikely to be covered. (Homeowners are highly encouraged to have their home inspected for potential problems that may lead to mold. This general precaution can save countless dollars and future headaches.)

Long Answer 

Mold is usually covered if it’s a direct result of a fire, criminal activity (theft or vandalism), a falling object or a frozen pipe. It may even be covered in the event of a malfunctioning appliance. The best way to find out more about how to protect your home from mold may be to call an insurance agent after you call a home inspector. Ramsey Insurance can give you the tips and the policy you need to virtually ensure that your home will never suffer from mold damage. Calling Ramsey Insurance today an give you the resource you need to get the answers you trust. 

Backyard Fun – Be Safe

Are you planning on building a tree house in the backyard this summer? Or maybe installing playground equipment for the kids? How about putting in a swimming pool? These are all things that are fun; however, they increase risks as well. Make sure you learn how to secure the dangerous areas, like swimming pools, from unsupervised access by children and install playground equipment so that there is less risk of injury to the children if they fall.

Also, summertime is a great time for an annual review of your home insurance coverage with your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis, MD. You can see if your home insurance coverage is adequate and add coverage as necessary for the things you will build or install in your backyard.

Sometimes backyard improvements become part of the home, such as when you install an outdoor patio connected to your house, or put in an outdoor kitchen. Another common improvement that makes a house more valuable is the installation of a sunroom. Any of these improvements cause the need for an adjustment in your homeowner’s insurance.

If you are making plans for outdoor backyard improvements, take the extra step to talk with your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis,0 MD to make sure your insurance coverage is in place, in advance of making the improvements.  Imagine the unfortunate situation that some emergency happens while the construction is in progress and this causes major damages and a significant potential financial loss. This is why it is important to be proactive in having insurance in place in advance of need. You want your insurance coverage to be there when you need it and it is too late to put insurance coverage in place after a catastrophe occurs.

It is easy to be sure that you have adequate coverage, just simply reach out to your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis, MD. Let them know what your plans are, and a review of the insurance coverage will include suggestions of what can be changed or added in response to your future plans.

Running a Home Business and Insurance Coverage

Lots of folks are running businesses from their home these days, using a spare bedroom as a converted office and bringing in additional income doing so. And, like many micro or small businesses, these folks in Annapolis, MD and elsewhere frequently assume their homeowners insurance is more than enough coverage for what may be contained in that home office. The problem is, however, that most homeowners insurance policies are specific to private property and assets, not those associated with a business. And that can be a rude, shocking surprise if something happens to the house and office, and there is no real recovery available realized after the fact.

According to Ramsey Insurance, homeowners insurance policies are intended for and written in terms specific to a private residence. And that’s an important distinction. Read literally, assets and materials associated with a business will not automatically fall within the definition of a private residence. So an insurance provider could very well limit its coverage agreed to without doing anything wrong by denying a claim with thousands dollars associated with the home office since that function of the house is not existing as a private residence per se.

Fortunately, however, Annapolis, MD home businesses can solve the above problem with some minor changes. Ramsey Insurance can help recraft or update homeowner coverage with an add-on policy addition or a separate, specific business policy, both being written specifically for protecting the home office. If you’re realizing you may need some additional help insuring your home office and protecting your business assets, give Ramsey Insurance a call to discuss the details. Their expertise will be invaluable and helpful; you won’t be disappointed making the connection.

Items to Include in Your Home Emergency Kit

No one every expects an emergency to happen in their town or in their home. However, even in Annapolis, MD, anything can happen. To prepare for the unexpected, you should have a home emergency ready at all times. If you have never created a home emergency kit before, use this list to ensure you have the necessities:

  • Food. You will definitely need food if you are stranded at your home during an emergency. You should have enough food for all of the people in your home for at least three days. Consider getting non-perishable food as well as food you can eat without cooking it in case you lose power. 
  • Water. Water is another item you need to have in your home at all times. You should have at least a gallon for every person to drink per day. 
  • Flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches. If you do end up losing power during an emergency, you will need a way to see around your home in the dark and these are the best items you can have on hand. 
  • A first aid kit. You can get one of these from a local store but make sure it is fully stocked in case you need it. This is a great way to take care of minor injuries if you are stranded at home.
  • A portable charger. If you need your phone and you do not have power, you will thank yourself for having this on hand.

Creating a home insurance kit is not the only thing you can use to protect yourself and your home. You should also have a great home insurance policy from Ramsey Insurance. For more information on home insurance policies and to get a free quote, be sure to contact Ramsey Insurance serving Annapolis, MD today. 

Home Insurance Add Ons to Consider

Depending on your property, there are different home insurance add-ons you need to consider. These added forms of home protection will offer additional forms of protection. So, when living in and around Annapolis MD, we at Ramsey Insurance want to do everything in our power to show you potential home insurance additions that can protect your home. 

Flood Damage

Maryland can still be hit by big storms coming off of the coast. In addition, it is also prime for heavy snow as well. Depending on where you live, flooding can occur, which may not be covered by your home insurance. Additionally, with the colder weather comes frozen pipes, which in turn can lead to burst pipes. Flood damage insurance protection can pay for this damage. 

Valuable Items Insurance

Depending on the policy, you may need to list the kind of valuables you have in your home. For other forms of insurance, you’ll need to insure everything separately. Replacing electronics, computers, and other items can be costly. A quick smash and grab into your home can result in tens of thousands of dollars of lost electronics. If you have expensive valuables on hand, this is an insurance add on to consider. 

Personal Umbrella Policy

Maybe someone looking for a quick payout fakes a slip and fall on your property and tries to sue you. Even if you know it is fake you’ll likely still need to hire an attorney, which is pricey. The personal umbrella policy will help pay for this. 

Not all home insurance add-ons are right for everyone. It can often depend on where you live within the community, what is around your property and several other factors as well. At Ramsey Insurance, we want to make sure your Annapolis MD property is protected. So, feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have about these (and other) potential home insurance options. 

Getting More From Your Home Insurance in Annapolis

Besides making sure your doors stay locked and your storm windows are up this winter, there are a number of other ways that you can protect your property in Annapolis, MD besides the routines you likely already have. Your home insurance works to be the ultimate in protection, covering you from practically everything you can possible think of. Learn more about how you can get more out of it all. 

Consider Everything 

There are so many events that happen everyday, and most are entirely harmless. But it really only takes one second for everything to change, and when it does, you’ll be glad you took the time to be prepared. The precautions that you take today can determine the course of your whole life. In order to really make good decisions about home insurance in Annapolis, MD, you’ll want to go over not just the most obvious scenarios (e.g., theft, storms, blizzards, etc.), but also the slightly less common (e.g., vandals, flooding, etc.) Staying calm is all about taking care of the details. 

Choose the Right Company 

The large insurance companies have a number of employees and they never seem to be working when you need them the most, and they typically do not lead you to believe that you’re getting the most out of your home insurance. When you’re forced to tell different people the same story and listen to them tell you the same restrictions and clauses of your policy, it can be a truly maddening experience. You don’t need this at a time when you’re already facing enough confusion and turmoil. Calling Ramsey Insurance can give you the means to both understand what you should be covering in your home, as well as giving you direction if it all comes crashing down. Talk to us if you’re looking for a quote, or just hoping to have a few more of your questions answered. 


Best Packing Techniques For Moving

Maryland residents save money when they pack their belongings rather than paying professional movers to do so. The right techniques can help you avoid injury, breakage and other problems:

1. Acquire the necessary tools and supplies long before you move. You’ll need cardboard boxes, padding, markers, large plastic bags, scissors and plenty of tape. Don’t risk damaging your property by using low-quality tape or flimsy boxes.

2. To expedite the process of moving into a new home, choose a different tape or label color for every room. For example, put all living room items in boxes with yellow labels.

3. Use your towels and blankets to pad fragile objects. This will conserve space in the truck and reduce the amount of money you need to spend on packing supplies.

4. If you use a moving company, you’re still expected to pack and transport a few small items on your own. They include medicines, jewelry and vital documents.

5. Divide files, books and magazines among several small boxes. A large box of these items would weigh far too much, and you might become injured by lifting it.

6. Give away clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Many Maryland charities and thrift shops gladly accept such items. Also, look for expired food and medications to throw out before you pack.

7. Put the most essential goods in a single box that you’ll open first. Examples include toothbrushes, paper products, soap and a flashlight.

8. Carefully pad all objects and keep fragile belongings separate from heavy items. A professional mover won’t compensate you for damaged possessions that were poorly packed.

Don’t forget to insure your new home right away. Consider using Ramsey Insurance, an independent Annapolis agency with over 25 years of experience. To sign up for an affordable policy or review your current home or renters coverage, please call us today!