Will My Insurance Cover Me If I’m Not Wearing A Helmet In A State With No Helmet Law?

Only 3 states out of 50 have no helmet law in place. The other 47 either have a universal helmet that requires everyone to wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet or a partial law that requires individuals of a certain age to wear them. The agents of Ramsey Insurance can explain Maryland’s universal helmet law to you if you have any questions. Residents in the Annapolis, MD area who travel out of state on their motorcycles should make sure they have the appropriate coverage before they leave.

Not All State Laws Are the Same

There are two types of helmet laws. Universal helmet laws require everyone, no matter what their age or their level of expertise to wear a helmet while on the road. This includes both operators and their passengers. A partial helmet law means that riders under the age of 18 and those who are still riding on a permit must wear a helmet, while individuals over the age of 18 with a full endorsement can make the choice for themselves.

Wearing A DOT Approved Helmet Saves Lives

It’s been proven for many years that DOT approved helmets save lives. They can reduce the risk of dying in a motorcycle crash by almost 37%. No matter how good of a rider you are you can’t control how others drive. While your insurance may cover your injuries if you are involved in an accident, they won’t cover the cost of a funeral.

If you live in Annapolis, MD or any of the surrounding communities, contact the agents of Ramsey Insurance to find out how the helmet laws in Maryland affect you. They will answer your questions and make sure you have the best policy to fit your needs.

Home Upgrades That Reduce Auto Insurance

Looking for a new home upgrade? Why not consider something that reduces your auto insurance costs? Yes, it is possible to save on your auto insurance by what you do with your home. At Ramsey Insurance, we know how important both your home and vehicles are. That is why we want to help you both protect your investments and save money with Annapolis, MD insurance. 


Where you park your vehicle most often does play a big role in your auto insurance costs. If you don’t have a garage, park on the street or only have an overhang, all of these options leave your vehicle susceptible to possible theft or weather damage. Consider installing a garage instead of having your vehicle exposed. Even a small, non-finished garage without insulation can cut down on auto insurance costs.

Security System

A home security system monitors not just the house but the property. This means if someone tries to break into the vehicle or the garage on the property you’ll know about it (as will the police). As home security systems reduce the chance of auto theft (or a smash and grab), you may just save on auto insurance as well. 


Fencing in your property helps establish the property lines. It also protects what is inside the line as well. By using a full fence (including a driveway gate) you’ll lock in your vehicle when it’s not in use, increasing its level of protection.

By taking advantage of these home upgrades, you’ll not only improve the property value of the house but reduce the costs of auto insurance as well. It’s a win-win. At Ramsey Insurance, we are here to help point out the best ways to protect your investments while saving on insurance in Annapolis, MD. 

Important Auto Insurance Adjustments Many People Overlook

If you live in Annapolis, MD you will most likely need a car for easy transportation around the area, namely from a local broker like Ramsey Insurance who serves the Annapolis area. However, depending on your driving record, how much you drive and what type of vehicle you drive, these policies can be quite expensive. However, there are some important insurance adjustments that most people overlook that may save you a lot of money on your policy. A few of the very best ones are listed below.


With a clean record, an insurance company deems you to be much less of a risk and therefore will give you a lower insurance policy overall. So the safer you drive, the fewer accidents you have and the fewer tickets you receive for moving violations, the cost of your insurance will obviously drop. Ideally, you have no accidents or moving violations at all, and it stays low for an extended period.


If you are over 50, you can join the AARP program and get discounts on your insurance that way as well. There are other programs out there based on older age that will make you insurance much cheaper on a monthly basis.


While some people don’t want tracking devices put on their vehicles, doing this will cause insurance companies to reduce rates noticeably, because it allows them to find the vehicle if it is stolen. The cost of installing these will save you money on insurance in the long run.


The more good drivers you put on your policy, the cheaper it will get for everyone. Most of the time this is only family, with very few exceptions.

Three Ways Your Home May be Underinsured

Mortgage lenders require homeowners to have insurance that protects the bank’s investment in case of a loss. The State of Maryland doesn’t force people to carry insurance, but it’s in your best interest to have protection. The challenges that property owners face is understanding how much and what type of policy they need. At Ramsey Insurance, our professionals are available to help members of the Annapolis, MD; community gets the detailed coverage that can provide thorough security. We’ll work closely with you to avoid common misconceptions that cause some homeowners to be underinsured.

High Rebuilding costs

Many homeowners gauge their replacement costs based on the value of the home. That seems to make logical sense on the surface. But the difference between rebuilding a home at today’s materials and labor costs can be vastly different than the value of a home. Some properties depreciate, and the Real Estate market fluctuates. Today’s home construction costs can run about $150 per square foot and that may not include demolition work and removing damage. Add on the costs of permits, inspections and other hidden items, and you could very well be taking money out of pocket if there is a total loss.   

Natural Disasters and Floods

Many people aren’t aware that floods and other natural disasters are not a standard part of homeowners insurance. In fact, you will likely need to have flood insurance added to your policy. Considering that the Annapolis MD community has Seven River on one side and South River on the other, protection of rising waters may be prudent.

New Building Codes

People that own older homes are commonly tripped up by the expense of changing building and fire codes. Existing homes are not subject to updated safety codes. However, if you suffer damage that requires new construction, that work must meet today’s inspection standards. This is an important aspect to consider when you decide how much coverage to carry. The last thing you want is to pay out of pocket.

Choosing a homeowners policy or upgrading and existing one means making a number of informed chooses. At Ramsey Insurance, we take pride in serving members of the Annapolis, MD community. Our professionals are available to discuss a detailed policy that will provide you with a sense of home security.

Oldest Driving Age in Maryland and Limitations

Most people are familiar with minimum driving ages, with most states allowing limited driving for learning at 15 years of age and then fully-licensed driving at 16. However, driving ability and permission doesn’t last forever, and as a person age’s there comes a limitation on how long that person can continue to drive legally. After all, there is no entitled to being allowed to drive a car on public roads.

In Maryland the age limit on legal driving doesn’t exist per se. That means, in theory, a person could be 100 years old and still be able to legally drive. However, it’s not a simple matter of having a license. At the age of 70 years of age, drivers have be on record that the person already has a Maryland driver’s license, and needs to be able to prove medical competence to drive from a licensed physician. The thinking here is that people’s biological age varies in terms of their capabilities for eyesight, control, reaction time and similar. Some people have issues at the age of 55 while others do just fine at the age of 90. So, instead of applying an arbitrary cut off age on everyone, Maryland’s laws were designed to put the burden of proof of being able to drive on people themselves. After 70, if the person can gain the support of a doctor certifying physical ability to operate a car properly, then licensing is allowed.

The Maryland age limit of 70 is not on seniors alone. After age 40, drivers in Maryland must have a vision test at every license renewal. Maryland can also apply restrictions case-by-case. To find out more, those in Annapolis, MD can contact their local auto insurance provider for up-to-date information.

Teaching Teens How to Avoid Road Rage

When it comes to teens, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death. As a result of this, Ramsey Insurance wants to arm you with information to help you decrease the chances of your teen developing road rage.

Understanding Road Rage

There are many types of driving behaviors that constitute road rage. The following are a few of the most common behaviors:

  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Failing to yield
  • Driving through red lights
  • Tailgating

When it comes to your teen’s driving, as a parent you have the most influence. After they’ve graduated from driver’s education, you model how they should drive.

Tip #1. Always model responsible driving.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to driving. The best way for you to keep both you and your family safe is to follow all driving rules and regulation. In fact, since you are modeling for your teen, you should use even more caution when driving.

Tip #2. Immediately correct teens when they make a mistake.

Before your teen could drive, you learned how important it was to take care of problems immediately. Once your teen starts driving, it’s imperative that you correct bad driving immediately so that they will not make the same mistakes later. To help them retain the lesson, explain to them the potential risks associated with the bad behavior so that they can understand why they are supposed to drive responsibly.

Tip #3. Limit excursions with other teens.

Although you want your child to have a well-rounded teenage experience, every parent doesn’t share the same values as you do when it comes to driving. You should be particularly discriminating when it comes to your teen riding or driving with other teens.

At Ramsey Insurance, we are here to help. We want you and your teen to be safe on the road, which is why we offer a suite of auto insurance products.

Traveling Abroad: A Driver’s Checklist

When you rent a car to travel domestically, your auto insurance will sometimes cover your liability in the rental car as well. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel internationally, does the same hold true? Unless you plan to take public transportation everywhere in your international destination city, what should you know about driving there before you even get on the plane?

Insurance That Crosses the Border

In some cases, your domestic policy may still provide insurance coverage. If you are traveling in Canada or Mexico, your agent may be able to help you obtain a special policy to cover your personal or rental vehicle. When traveling overseas, you will need to obtain insurance for the rental vehicle. Some credit card companies offer this coverage with rentals; otherwise, research insurance offered by the actual rental company before you leave home to prevent any surprises.

Get Licensed

Before traveling, see if you need to obtain an International Driver’s Permit to drive legally in your destination country. Available from AAA or the National Auto Club, an IDP translates your domestic license into 10 other languages. The IDP will display your full name, photo, and relevant driver information. You must be 18 years of age to obtain an IDP and it must be obtained in your home country. It doesn’t replace your driver’s license and must be carried alongside your home license. You should check the with the embassy of the country you plan to visit about visiting driver requirements before you travel. 

Whether you are traveling abroad or at home, adequate insurance coverage is on your must-do list. If you have questions about your policy or would like a quote on a new policy, contact Ramsey Insurance, Inc. in Annapolis, MD.



How Auto Insurance Protects You Against Hit-and-Run Drivers

Walking out to your car to find a phantom driver has hit it is never a pleasant experience. Neither is being involved in a collision with another car where the other person decides to leave the scene. Thankfully, you have auto insurance. Here’s how your policy protects you against hit-and-run accidents and what coverage pertains to each aspect of your claim.

Collision Coverage

If you’re looking to use your auto insurance to repair your vehicle after a hit-and-run incident, having collision coverage is crucial. This aspect of your policy is completely optional, meaning you may or may not already carry it on your policy. Collision coverage will pay to repair damage to your vehicle without regard to who is at-fault for the claim.

The bad part about using your coverage for this type of incident is that you are still subject to your deductible. However, if your insurance company ever finds out who the other driver is, they might be able to reclaim these funds on your behalf as part of a subrogation settlement.

Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection Coverage

In Maryland, drivers are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This part of your policy helps pay for some medical bills and lost earnings while you are recovering from an accident. Medical payments coverage works the same way, but is optional and extends the level of funds available to cover major injuries sustained during any sort of accident. Both coverages are available after a hit-and-run claim.

Other Coverage Options

There are other coverage options that you might already have on your policy that apply in the instance of a hit-and-run accident. For example, if you have rental reimbursement coverage on your vehicle, this can be used to help provide you with temporary transportation while your car is in the shop.

The easiest way to deal with a hit-and-run driver is by being prepared. Make sure you’ve evaluated your situation prior to an incident by speaking with our team at Ramsey Insurance. Please give us a call today for more information or a no-obligation quote.

What You Can Do For Your Car This Fall

When you live in Annapolis, there are a lot of things that you can do for your car during the fall months. The more you prepare, the easier it will be to drive with peace of mind knowing that your car is capable of handling all of the cold weather.

One of the first things you want to do is check on the battery. It needs to have a clean connection and be corrosion free. As the weather gets colder, it can be hard on your battery. The charging system should be checked at the same time. Also, if it has been more than three years since you last replaced your battery, it may need to be replaced.

Tires should be checked, which includes tread depth as well as tire pressure. You want to check for bald spots, bulges, and everything else. This will ensure that your tires are capable of gripping the roads when there is ice and snow.

Brakes should also be checked, and this includes rotors, drums, and brake linings. This will ensure that your car or truck is capable of stopping, regardless of what road conditions may be.

You also want to make sure that you are comfortable in your car – and this requires your heating system to be checked. It is a good idea to have the air filter changed in your car. The defroster should also be checked at the same time so that it can clear the windows for safety reasons.

At Ramsey Insurance, we are here to help you find auto insurance that is affordable. You can count on us to obtain quotes from top companies in Maryland so that you don’t have to do it all. Call us today to begin the search for a policy that makes sense for you and your budget.


Tips For RV Insurance For The Summer

Annapolis, MD is a gorgeous area. It is also centrally located to many other states, making it possible to go on a road trip for the summer. Whether you travel south down to Florida and some of the other southern states or go west to cross the country, there are some tips to follow when you take a summer road trip.

If you are going in an RV, you will need RV insurance. The prime reason for this is that there is insurance requirements for all Maryland vehicles. An RV is a vehicle, but since it is not a car, it needs a very special kind of insurance.

You want the best level of coverage to provide you with peace of mind. This is why you will want to follow these tips.

1.         Work with an independent agent to learn more about the top companies that write policies in Maryland

2.         Get multiple quotes to make comparisons between companies

3.         Know the kind of mileage you plan on driving for the summer

4.         Identify potential hazards along the way

5.         Explore the minimum level of coverage and the cost to increase liability

By following these tips, you can accomplish several things. Get the lower rate quotes that you need to be able to afford the RV insurance. Also, make sure you have great coverage so you can take your summer road trip from Annapolis with confidence. This way, if there is an accident or other damage, you can file a claim with the insurance company and know that it will be paid.

You never have to buy RV insurance in Annapolis, MD on your own. We have independent agents to help you every step of the way. Call now to learn more and obtain quotes!