Backyard Fun – Be Safe

Are you planning on building a tree house in the backyard this summer? Or maybe installing playground equipment for the kids? How about putting in a swimming pool? These are all things that are fun; however, they increase risks as well. Make sure you learn how to secure the dangerous areas, like swimming pools, from unsupervised access by children and install playground equipment so that there is less risk of injury to the children if they fall.

Also, summertime is a great time for an annual review of your home insurance coverage with your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis, MD. You can see if your home insurance coverage is adequate and add coverage as necessary for the things you will build or install in your backyard.

Sometimes backyard improvements become part of the home, such as when you install an outdoor patio connected to your house, or put in an outdoor kitchen. Another common improvement that makes a house more valuable is the installation of a sunroom. Any of these improvements cause the need for an adjustment in your homeowner’s insurance.

If you are making plans for outdoor backyard improvements, take the extra step to talk with your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis,0 MD to make sure your insurance coverage is in place, in advance of making the improvements.  Imagine the unfortunate situation that some emergency happens while the construction is in progress and this causes major damages and a significant potential financial loss. This is why it is important to be proactive in having insurance in place in advance of need. You want your insurance coverage to be there when you need it and it is too late to put insurance coverage in place after a catastrophe occurs.

It is easy to be sure that you have adequate coverage, just simply reach out to your agent at Ramsey Insurance in Annapolis, MD. Let them know what your plans are, and a review of the insurance coverage will include suggestions of what can be changed or added in response to your future plans.