Running a Home Business and Insurance Coverage

Lots of folks are running businesses from their home these days, using a spare bedroom as a converted office and bringing in additional income doing so. And, like many micro or small businesses, these folks in Annapolis, MD and elsewhere frequently assume their homeowners insurance is more than enough coverage for what may be contained in that home office. The problem is, however, that most homeowners insurance policies are specific to private property and assets, not those associated with a business. And that can be a rude, shocking surprise if something happens to the house and office, and there is no real recovery available realized after the fact.

According to Ramsey Insurance, homeowners insurance policies are intended for and written in terms specific to a private residence. And that’s an important distinction. Read literally, assets and materials associated with a business will not automatically fall within the definition of a private residence. So an insurance provider could very well limit its coverage agreed to without doing anything wrong by denying a claim with thousands dollars associated with the home office since that function of the house is not existing as a private residence per se.

Fortunately, however, Annapolis, MD home businesses can solve the above problem with some minor changes. Ramsey Insurance can help recraft or update homeowner coverage with an add-on policy addition or a separate, specific business policy, both being written specifically for protecting the home office. If you’re realizing you may need some additional help insuring your home office and protecting your business assets, give Ramsey Insurance a call to discuss the details. Their expertise will be invaluable and helpful; you won’t be disappointed making the connection.