Oldest Driving Age in Maryland and Limitations

Most people are familiar with minimum driving ages, with most states allowing limited driving for learning at 15 years of age and then fully-licensed driving at 16. However, driving ability and permission doesn’t last forever, and as a person age’s there comes a limitation on how long that person can continue to drive legally. After all, there is no entitled to being allowed to drive a car on public roads.

In Maryland the age limit on legal driving doesn’t exist per se. That means, in theory, a person could be 100 years old and still be able to legally drive. However, it’s not a simple matter of having a license. At the age of 70 years of age, drivers have be on record that the person already has a Maryland driver’s license, and needs to be able to prove medical competence to drive from a licensed physician. The thinking here is that people’s biological age varies in terms of their capabilities for eyesight, control, reaction time and similar. Some people have issues at the age of 55 while others do just fine at the age of 90. So, instead of applying an arbitrary cut off age on everyone, Maryland’s laws were designed to put the burden of proof of being able to drive on people themselves. After 70, if the person can gain the support of a doctor certifying physical ability to operate a car properly, then licensing is allowed.

The Maryland age limit of 70 is not on seniors alone. After age 40, drivers in Maryland must have a vision test at every license renewal. Maryland can also apply restrictions case-by-case. To find out more, those in Annapolis, MD can contact their local auto insurance provider for up-to-date information.