Home Insurance Add Ons to Consider

Depending on your property, there are different home insurance add-ons you need to consider. These added forms of home protection will offer additional forms of protection. So, when living in and around Annapolis MD, we at Ramsey Insurance want to do everything in our power to show you potential home insurance additions that can protect your home. 

Flood Damage

Maryland can still be hit by big storms coming off of the coast. In addition, it is also prime for heavy snow as well. Depending on where you live, flooding can occur, which may not be covered by your home insurance. Additionally, with the colder weather comes frozen pipes, which in turn can lead to burst pipes. Flood damage insurance protection can pay for this damage. 

Valuable Items Insurance

Depending on the policy, you may need to list the kind of valuables you have in your home. For other forms of insurance, you’ll need to insure everything separately. Replacing electronics, computers, and other items can be costly. A quick smash and grab into your home can result in tens of thousands of dollars of lost electronics. If you have expensive valuables on hand, this is an insurance add on to consider. 

Personal Umbrella Policy

Maybe someone looking for a quick payout fakes a slip and fall on your property and tries to sue you. Even if you know it is fake you’ll likely still need to hire an attorney, which is pricey. The personal umbrella policy will help pay for this. 

Not all home insurance add-ons are right for everyone. It can often depend on where you live within the community, what is around your property and several other factors as well. At Ramsey Insurance, we want to make sure your Annapolis MD property is protected. So, feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have about these (and other) potential home insurance options.