Best Packing Techniques For Moving

Maryland residents save money when they pack their belongings rather than paying professional movers to do so. The right techniques can help you avoid injury, breakage and other problems:

1. Acquire the necessary tools and supplies long before you move. You’ll need cardboard boxes, padding, markers, large plastic bags, scissors and plenty of tape. Don’t risk damaging your property by using low-quality tape or flimsy boxes.

2. To expedite the process of moving into a new home, choose a different tape or label color for every room. For example, put all living room items in boxes with yellow labels.

3. Use your towels and blankets to pad fragile objects. This will conserve space in the truck and reduce the amount of money you need to spend on packing supplies.

4. If you use a moving company, you’re still expected to pack and transport a few small items on your own. They include medicines, jewelry and vital documents.

5. Divide files, books and magazines among several small boxes. A large box of these items would weigh far too much, and you might become injured by lifting it.

6. Give away clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Many Maryland charities and thrift shops gladly accept such items. Also, look for expired food and medications to throw out before you pack.

7. Put the most essential goods in a single box that you’ll open first. Examples include toothbrushes, paper products, soap and a flashlight.

8. Carefully pad all objects and keep fragile belongings separate from heavy items. A professional mover won’t compensate you for damaged possessions that were poorly packed.

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