Traveling Abroad: A Driver’s Checklist

When you rent a car to travel domestically, your auto insurance will sometimes cover your liability in the rental car as well. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel internationally, does the same hold true? Unless you plan to take public transportation everywhere in your international destination city, what should you know about driving there before you even get on the plane?

Insurance That Crosses the Border

In some cases, your domestic policy may still provide insurance coverage. If you are traveling in Canada or Mexico, your agent may be able to help you obtain a special policy to cover your personal or rental vehicle. When traveling overseas, you will need to obtain insurance for the rental vehicle. Some credit card companies offer this coverage with rentals; otherwise, research insurance offered by the actual rental company before you leave home to prevent any surprises.

Get Licensed

Before traveling, see if you need to obtain an International Driver’s Permit to drive legally in your destination country. Available from AAA or the National Auto Club, an IDP translates your domestic license into 10 other languages. The IDP will display your full name, photo, and relevant driver information. You must be 18 years of age to obtain an IDP and it must be obtained in your home country. It doesn’t replace your driver’s license and must be carried alongside your home license. You should check the with the embassy of the country you plan to visit about visiting driver requirements before you travel. 

Whether you are traveling abroad or at home, adequate insurance coverage is on your must-do list. If you have questions about your policy or would like a quote on a new policy, contact Ramsey Insurance, Inc. in Annapolis, MD.