How Auto Insurance Protects You Against Hit-and-Run Drivers

Walking out to your car to find a phantom driver has hit it is never a pleasant experience. Neither is being involved in a collision with another car where the other person decides to leave the scene. Thankfully, you have auto insurance. Here’s how your policy protects you against hit-and-run accidents and what coverage pertains to each aspect of your claim.

Collision Coverage

If you’re looking to use your auto insurance to repair your vehicle after a hit-and-run incident, having collision coverage is crucial. This aspect of your policy is completely optional, meaning you may or may not already carry it on your policy. Collision coverage will pay to repair damage to your vehicle without regard to who is at-fault for the claim.

The bad part about using your coverage for this type of incident is that you are still subject to your deductible. However, if your insurance company ever finds out who the other driver is, they might be able to reclaim these funds on your behalf as part of a subrogation settlement.

Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection Coverage

In Maryland, drivers are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This part of your policy helps pay for some medical bills and lost earnings while you are recovering from an accident. Medical payments coverage works the same way, but is optional and extends the level of funds available to cover major injuries sustained during any sort of accident. Both coverages are available after a hit-and-run claim.

Other Coverage Options

There are other coverage options that you might already have on your policy that apply in the instance of a hit-and-run accident. For example, if you have rental reimbursement coverage on your vehicle, this can be used to help provide you with temporary transportation while your car is in the shop.

The easiest way to deal with a hit-and-run driver is by being prepared. Make sure you’ve evaluated your situation prior to an incident by speaking with our team at Ramsey Insurance. Please give us a call today for more information or a no-obligation quote.