Are You Licensed and Insured on the Water?

There are two things every boater in Baltimore, MD should have: a license to boat in the state and boat/watercraft insurance. State law requires that boaters in Maryland pass a boating safety course. While not legally required, boating insurance is the only way to make sure you are financially protected on the water. If you don’t have a boating safety certificate and boat/watercraft insurance, be sure to get both before you head out on the water this summer.

Getting a Boating Safety Certificate

Anyone operating a boat who was born in or after 1972 must have a certificate from a state-approved boating safety course. The fine for not having a certificate is at least $25 for an initial offense, but it can jump to $500 for additional offenses. There are many locations throughout the state, including a number in Baltimore, where boaters can attend the short course and sit for the necessary exam.

Getting Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Finding a boat/watercraft insurance policy that will fully protect you is even easier than obtaining the necessary safety certificate. There are many different coverages available, ranging from protection for your boat’s hull and trailer to coverage for people on your boat and property belonging to other boaters. Understanding each coverage on your own may be confusing, but we can quickly explain everything in terms that are easy to understand.

If you don’t currently have boat/watercraft insurance, make sure to get both before the boating season begins this summer. Give our independent insurance agency a call, and we’ll help you find great coverage that meets your needs. Whether you need robust, year-round protection or a minimal policy, we’ll make sure you’re properly insured for your situation. Since we’re an independent agency, we can compare coverages from multiple insurers in just a few minutes. We’ll quickly get you insured.